ANWIS’ presence in the market dates back to 1979; we are part of WAREMA Group – a global leader in the segment of innovative sun-protection systems. The Company is an experienced manufacturer of internal and external window coverings as well as of a wide range of components made of plastic, aluminium, steel and wood.

Every month we deliver 2.5 million components to customers worldwide. With 20 injection molding machines and 400 injection moulds at our disposal we use our own production technology exercising full control over the quality of the solutions provided.

Our highly skilled staff and considerable machinery resources provide us with a great deal of freedom in designing and manufacturing ANWIS systems.


Mr Antoni Wiśniewski launches his first business enterprise introducing the Anwis brand to the market. The first products on offer are horizontal blinds.

The year marked by signing the first export contract, which will pave the way for building the Company’s strong position in foreign markets.

Anwis changes the Company logo; new office buildings are built.

ARX – investment fund becomes the new owner of the Company.

Anwis purchases area for future expansion of the Company.

WAREMA Group becomes the owner 100% shares in ANWIS Sp. z o.o., thanks to which ANWIS joins one of the world leaders in the segment innovative shading systems.


Bartosz Tafliński

Chief Financial Officer

Bartosz Tafliński

Chief Financial Officer

On the lookout for a reliable supplier?

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On the lookout for a reliable supplier?

For many years we have maintained a competitive position in the window treatments market.

ANWIS systems are exported to over 40 countries all over the world. Constantly working to increase our customer base, we have achieved a position of a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

ANWIS product portfolio includes a wide range of systems for production of pleated, horizontal and vertical blinds, roller blinds, day/night blinds and insect screens. A thorough market development analysis helps us create and modify our product offer to better respond to the needs of our Customers. Our design solutions are numerous and diverse and fabrics, slats and accessories are available in many sophisticated colours.


We guarantee that our Partners receive not only top quality components and tools necessary for starting production but also that the solutions delivered are truly unique. We ensure on-time deliveries and professional assistance – both technical and commercial.

The high level of service provided is ensured by quality management system based on EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as approvals, certificates, numerous awards and honours granted. Backed by continous development and innovative solutions we are able to respond to the growing demands of the market and expectations of our Customers.