A wide variety of systems on offer for insect screens manufacturers

ANWIS insect screen systems can be fitted in window coverings designed for all types of window and door joinery including unusual shapes and oversized. They consist of top-quality, weather-resistant components. Available in a wide range of colours, varnished or covered in wood-like laminate, they are a popular choice for both commercial and residential housing sector.

Framed insect screen production systems

Depending on the structure and shape of the window ANWIS insect screen systems can be based on MR, S or cold-rolled profile. With its flat frame design, the system based on ‘S’ profile is often fitted on half-faced windows.

The system based on MR profile, in turn, is perfect for larger size insect screens. It is suitable for windows in unusual shapes like: triangular, trapezoidal or circular ones. Every profile type is compatible with no drill swivel brackets or spring clips.

There are two types of corner joints available: PVC and internal corner joint – for gap-free and unobtrusive joining of insect screen profiles.

Vertical roller insect screen production system

The system has been designed for windows; it consists of a cassette, a tube with mesh, side channel (straight or with extension), sliding profile and spring mechanism which is responsible for retracting and unrolling the screen. Fitted with a dedicated speed control mechanism, the system guarantees durability, reliability and comfort of use. There are two types of mesh blocking device to choose from: a profile with hooks or brackets located in side channel (bottom profile with snap fastener).

Horizontal roller insect screen production system

The system has been designed for patio and balcony doors. Available in two versions: single and double (for oversized screens), the system consists of a cassette, a tube with mesh and a sliding profile.

Magnetic locking system with an ergonomic plastic handle facilitates retracting and unrolling of the mesh. In the latter option (double) both parts of the covering fold inwards. Compatible with straight side channels or ones with extension.

Door insect screen production system

For better door frame rigidity the base of the frame consists of a closed aluminium profile. The cross bar provides extra stability, it ensures the correct tension of the mesh at the same time doubling as a handle.

Sliding insect screen production system

The system is perfect for large-size sliding door leaves or patio doors. Insect screen panel moves alongside guide channels (top and bottom, one and two-track). The max. dimensions of the screen are 2000 x 2500 mm.

The search for an ideal sliding insect screen is easy due to wide availability of screen types as well as a choice of side channels adjusted to the height of the threshold.

In order to match ANWIS systems to the look of the building, ANWIS insect screens can be covered with wood-like laminate in attractive colours: golden oak, walnut, winchester or marsh oak.

Popular shades of varnish, available with all types of insect screens (RAL 7012 – basalt grey oraz RAL 7016 – antracite), provide an attractive alternative to laminates. Fibreglass mesh is offered in two colours: black and grey.