Fabric collections for professionals

Designed with producers of pleated blinds and internal sun-protection systems in mind, fabric catalogues enable placing complete orders for ANWIS systems.

Our selection of fabrics reflects the latest market trends. The fabrics are supplied by top European producers, which is a guarantee of high quality, ready availability and certification.

Adding fabrics to Anwis commercial offer enables our Partners to place separate orders for fabrics (in the form of cut lengths or rolls) as well as orders for complete systems

says Marcin Haśkiewicz, Domestic Sales Director

When including fabric cataloques into our offer we were inspired by the current market trends and the quality of the solutions provided. All these measures are designed to ensure the highest level of Customer satisfaction.

ANWIS roller blind fabric catalogue

Contains 166 colours divided into 14 cards (collections) based on their technical specification (fabric structure; light transmittance – transparent, semitransparent, dimout, blackout as well as their properties like fire retardancy. Fabric swatches are arranged in a cascade manner, which results in a clear and user-friendly layout.


The catalogue features clear technical descriptions placed on the inside of each card, which provides an opportunity to create a customised layout of the collection. This light and compact catalogue is portable and user-friendly.

ANWIS pleated blind fabric catalogue

Contains 281 fabrics grouped in 23 collections. 16 removable cards allow to create individual layout. The offer includes standard (251) as well as honeycomb fabrics (30).


Grouped by type (plain, textured, pearly, blackout,cells) and by properties of textile fibres (fire retardancy), the fabrics constitute a complete collection which answers the needs of both individual and commercial customer. Appropriately sized fabric swatches coupled with readily accessible technical descriptions on the cards make the presentation of the product offer transparent and user-friendly.

Lightweight and compact, the catalogue is a tool which is easy to handle while travelling or making a presentation.

Customised ordering platform

One of ANWIS’ objectives is development of new business technologies. Great emphasis is placed on improving Customer Service performance. Hence, fabrics can be ordered in the same way as ANWIS sun-protection systems i.e. via a B2B customised platform in which electronic versions of catalogues are available. The catalogues allow quick access to the fabric database, also from mobile devices.